Visions VII: Universe


There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
~ William Shakespeare

Our Vision is limitless!

The Visions Series tells the story of how humanity must ultimately venture outward from our tiny home and explore the Universe.

Visions VII: Universe, the final volume, opens the doors to incredible possibilities for the race called Human. We venture into realms where the impossible becomes fact.

Edited by Carrol Fix, the seventh, and last, anthology of the Visions Series features:
Doug Souza, William Huggins, Jason Lairamore, W. A. Fix, Gustavo Bondoni, John A. Frochio, Leigh Kimmel, Margaret Karmazin, Lorraine Schein, Jonathan Shipley, Lisa Timpf, Mike Adamson, Mary Madigan, Darrel Duckworth, Neil Davies, Elana Gomel, Lawrence Dagstine, John M. Floyd, S.M. Kraftchak, Robert J. Mendenhall, Nick Manzolillo, and Tom Olbert.

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Visions VII: Universe

Final anthology in the Visions Series.
The Visions series tells the story of how humanity must ultimately venture outward from our tiny home and explore the Universe. Visions: Leaving Earth, the first volume, describes our first faltering steps to rise from Earth’s surface and build homes in space. Visions II: Moons of Saturn confirms humankind’s success in leaving Earth and building homes in the other planetary systems circling our sun-father Sol. Visions III: Inside the Kuiper Belt proclaims domination of all that dwells within the solar system—from our Sun to the outermost reaches of the Kuiper Belt and into the Oort Cloud. Visions IV: Space Between Stars astounds us with the infinite possibilities of adventure and danger far from any suns or planets— in the cold, dark regions of deepest space, where dark matter and nebulas of celestial gases abide. Visions V: Milky Way leads us to explore our own galaxy. Although vast and unreachable with current technology, the Milky Way is but a tiny point in the Universe. We must first learn about our own home galaxy before we can explore further outward to other galaxies. Visions VI: Galaxies follows human progress into other galaxies. Humankind survives to spread across the Universe, making distant galaxies and planets into a home for a race destined to seek horizons ever more far away.

Visions VII: Universe
Paperback: 344 pages
Publisher: Rogue Star Press (August 2017)
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