Visions V: Milky Way


Visions V stories take place somewhere…anywhere…in the Milky Way Galaxy. Planets, stars, and aliens, with no limitations, form the subject and action taking place outside our Solar System and within the Milky Way.

Humankind has forded the immense stream of space between stars and reached our nearest solar neighbors. What will we discover on hospitable planets circling those new stars? Will we find almost familiar moons, asteroids, planetary rings? Or, could there be never before seen astronomical formations? The sky is no longer the limit for our soaring imaginations, because somewhere out there is a potential haven for the remnants of our beleaguered civilization.

Edited by Carrol Fix, the fifth anthology of the Visions Series features: Steve Bates, Sam Bellotto Jr., Tara Campbell, D. A. Couturier, Bruce C. Davis, W. A. Fix, Teresa Howard, Margaret Karmazin, Leigh Kimmel, S. M. Kraftchak, Marie Michaels, John Moralee, Fredrick Obermeyer, Thomas Olbert, Timothy Paul, Jonathan Shipley, E. J. Shumak, Doug C. Souza, Jay Werkheiser, and Richard Zwicker.

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Visions V: Milky Way 

  “I believe that the long term future of the human race must be space and that it represents an important life insurance
for our future survival, as it could prevent the disappearance of humanity by colonizing other planets.”

 ~Astrophysicist Professor Stephen Hawking

Global catastrophe is a constant threat for our war-torn and dysfunctional human race. No one can foresee the future, but we have lived on the brink of extinction since the invention of the atomic bomb and, more recently, germ warfare and genetic manipulation.

The vast Milky Way Galaxy may allow the seeds of our future to be widely distributed, past the danger of a final extinction.

Visions V: Milky Way brings together a collection of fascinating and entertaining stories by twenty award-winning science fiction authors.

Stories & Authors:
“Where the Last Tramz Stops” by Sam Bellotto Jr. ~ Does reality have a place in a society where everything is artificial? Today we can have our bodies re-sculpted. Much of the food we eat is prepared in a laboratory. Even “reality” TV is fabricated. What will the world be like in the future?

“Ships in the Night” by Jay Werkheiser ~ Isolated communities on a frontier long for news from elsewhere. When that frontier is space, elsewhere can be awfully far away in space and time, and the tales told by traveling strangers may have a grander scope than anyone suspects.

“End Around” by E. J. Shumak ~ Bersim only wanted to raise her kits in peace. They lost her husband, forcing her return to active duty, but in the company of the same alien species that had her husband.

“Unwanted Gifts” by S. M. Kraftchak ~ When Taryn, a thirty-year-old medical assistant, reluctantly agrees to meet her ex-fiancé for old time’s sake, he brings a birthday gift from her estranged father, a man she despises for abandoning her in slaver’s territory sixteen years earlier. Nothing could have prepared her for the truth of her abandonment and her father’s final…unwanted…gift.

“Greatcloak” by Jonathan Shipley ~ The moment when apprenticeship ends and independence begins always carries stress. For Rissa, Excellenza-in-training of the Imperium, the moment is rendered even more stressful by being a very public interplanetary conference. Yet all that pales before the news that the Emperor himself will be attending the conference arrayed in his warcloak of immense destructive power. All for reasons unknown. And Rissa is expected to cope.

“Claim Jumpers” by Doug C. Souza ~ Two con men learn the “barren” planet they’re selling to a cold-blooded Mafioso may actually be inhabited. To make matters worse, something very odd is happening inside the underground chambers.

“The Device” by Tara Campbell ~ Madame X suspects her daughter-in-law of hiding something. When the girl returns from her studies on Earth, Madame is intent on finding out the secret and how it might hurt her son. What she learns forces her to confront her own long-hidden secrets.

“Eighteen Winters” by D. A. Couturier ~ Antiquated customs and manners find a resurgence in a distant future, as a family looks ahead to the loss of their estate. And while a pragmatic mother tries her best to make the ideal match, a girl’s heart is broken and she is left to ponder a marriage of convenience.

“Yellow Star” by John Moralee ~ For twenty years, Chara Hudson’s mother has been a notorious fugitive, responsible for the deaths of innocent people on her home world. Chara never thought she’d hear from her mother again, but the arrival of a starship and a mysterious gift leads her into a dangerous situation.

“The Shadow of a Dead God” by Leigh Kimmel ~ Many people have speculated about ancient astronauts visiting early civilizations and giving them various technologies, perhaps as experiments. But what if Earth were in fact kept untouched, allowed to develop at its own pace as a control, while the experiments were performed on humans taken to other worlds? Worlds we may well discover as we move beyond Earth and the Sol System into the greater galaxy.

“Black Hearts and Blue Skins” by Timothy Paul ~ On the run from human politzia, Martin Silverman is desperate to find his kidnapped daughter, when a mysterious, tight-lipped band of Jeroxians takes control of his quest. What evils will the human race carry to distant worlds?

“Welcome to Your Dream House” by Steve Bates ~ The Great Diaspora seeded many planets with humanity, but the descendants of the pioneering spacers are finding little adventure in their routine lives on remote planets. Some of them spend most of their waking hours in dream chambers, suspended in their favorite fantasies. But not all dreams are what they seem.

“Pan Ad Aster” by Bruce C. Davis ~ General relativity creates a new Neverland.

“Rachel’s Fall” by Teresa Howard ~ Rachel is falling. She falls for her parents’ plan to colonize the planet Tobar. She falls in love with Brian and their new life together. Then, she falls under the mysterious magic of the sentient people of the new world.

“When Unknown Gods Leave” by Margaret Karmazin ~ On a world where two dominant species co-exist, which one will survive to rule the planet?

“First Sunrise” by Marie Michaels ~ Ellyott is a wrench monkey with nothing to live for but the thought of leaving his cold, hick moon with the woman he loves. He’s set his sights on the jade world of Maia that hangs just beyond their poisoned sky. But his daddy’s words still echo in his head: nobody leaves Fontus alive.

“Dropworld” by Fredrick Obermeyer ~ Kareska is a female faller who lives in a world where humans are dropped out of planes and spend their entire lives parachuting down through the seemingly endless skies of Dropworld. The question is, can she survive long enough to make it to the bottom?

“Bright Horizon” by Thomas Olbert ~ Forty light years across the galaxy, two radically different post-Earth societies battle each other for the colonization of an alien Solar System. One faction fights to save the indigenous population, the other to exterminate them. One man’s agonizing choice could offer a promising new frontier for the human race, or destroy humanity’s future.

“The Mirror Dialogues” by Richard Zwicker ~ When Josiah Spaulding steals the wrong cargo from the wrong aliens, he and his two-person crew are forced to hide out on an unnamed planet where they—literally—start talking to themselves.

“The Drive” by W. A. Fix ~ Mankind’s first attempt at Warp Drive technology is an overwhelming success. In fact, it is far more successful than anyone’s wildest dreams. Maybe too successful.


Visions V: Milky Way
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