Visions III: Inside the Kuiper Belt


Using current scientific discoveries as a solid base, award-winning story tellers present thrilling tales about humans struggling to survive far from the comforting warmth of Sol. The Kuiper Belt, the domain of demoted dwarf planet Pluto, will someday provide opportunities for humankind to explore and even to build homes for their families.

Edited by Carrol Fix, the third anthology of the Visions Series features: Mark Mellon, Kara Race-Moore, Jeremy Lichtman, Ami L Hart, Timothy Paul, Duane Brewster, Eric T. Reynolds, Mary Madigan, Mike Rimar, W. A. Fix, Tom Olbert, S.M. Kraftchak, Ellen Denton, Bruce Davis, John Moralee, Gustavo Bondoni, and Amos Parker.  See More

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Visions III: Inside the Kuiper Belt

Stories & Authors: “The Father and the Belt” ~ Amos Parker, “White Whale of Europa” ~ Mark Mellon, “Waters Above the Heavens” ~ Kara Race-Moore, “Tombaugh’s Frozen Heart” ~ Jeremy Lichtman, “The Hope Incident” ~ Ami L Hart, “Gypsy in the Belt” ~ Timothy Paul, “Corner of His Eye” ~ Duane Brewster, “Kuiper Belt Threat” ~ Eric T. Reynolds, “Devil’s Spit” ~ Mary Madigan, “Circus Maximus” ~ Mike Rimar, “Karl’s Ride” ~ W. A. Fix, “Star’s Edge” ~ Tom Olbert, “Wake-Up Call” ~ S.M. Kraftchak, “Snow White” ~ Ellen Denton, “Aphelion” ~ Bruce Davis, “Signal” ~ John Moralee, “Races” ~ Gustavo Bondoni

The stories in this anthology, by seventeen talented international authors, illustrate widely diverse visions of the life and death conditions humans will face while living and traveling far from humankind’s home world. Many things will change, in the far-off future, but human nature, most likely, will remain the same. The same joy and sorrow, resolution and conflict, reward and greed, comfort and fear will motivate the distant descendants of present day Earth and drive humans forever forward in the race to immortality.

From the Sun to the borders of the Solar System, Visions III: Inside the Kuiper Belt looks at the ways humankind will explore. After the Inner and Outer Planets become part of the known and inhabited systems, humans will venture outward, to the Kuiper Belt and the Oort Cloud, laying claim to everything within the System’s boundaries.

Beyond Neptune, at the edge of the Solar System lies the doughnut-shaped ring of objects known as the Kuiper Belt. Each one smaller than Earth’s Moon, the Kuiper Belt Objects (KBOs) include chunks of ice, asteroids, planetoids, and the dwarf planet Pluto.

According to scientific theory, outside the Kuiper Belt, the Oort Cloud surrounds the Solar System like a giant, invisible snow globe, so vast that even traveling at nearly a million miles a day, NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft will take 300 years to reach the Oort Cloud and 30,000 years to exit the other side.

The Visions series tells the story of how humanity must ultimately venture outward from our tiny home and explore the Universe.
The first volume, Visions: Leaving Earth, describes our initial faltering steps to rise from Earth’s surface and build homes in space.
Visions II: Moons of Saturn confirms that humankind has left the Earth and is at home in the other planetary systems of our solar system.
Visions III: Inside the Kuiper Belt proclaims humankind’s dominance of all that dwells within the solar system—from our Sun to the outermost reaches of the Kuiper Belt.
Beyond these volumes, we will explore outside our solar system: between the stars, the near stars, colonizing the Milky Way, and understanding the Universe.
Our vision is limitless.

Visions III: Inside the Kuiper Belt
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