Thick as Thieves



Fantasy makes crime no less shabby—and thieves no less thick. Brick, ex-soldier turned tavern bouncer, lets loyalty and a woman involve him in a caper. Glum Arent, alcoholic poet, needs only greed and wine-addled imagination. Magic, treachery, and bad decisions drive a simple heist from farce to tragedy. Can any of the thieves survive the mishaps and double-crosses?

With a nod to the novels of Elmore Leonard, the dean of American crime fiction, Thick as Thieves is gritty, street-level swords and sorcery from the author of Reunion and Under Strange Suns.

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Ill-considered plans, misfit criminals, unintended consequences, bungled crimes, violence, and double-crosses. With a nod to Elmore Leonard, “Thick as Thieves” delivers all the foregoing, plus magic, mayhem, swordplay, and romance. Brick, ex-soldier turned tavern bouncer, is just grateful to have a job. So when his employer, the shady, non-human Shib, asks him to undertake a heist he reluctantly agrees. Given that his crew consists of an alcoholic poet and a violence-prone burglar, Brick shouldn’t be surprised the heist goes awry. And perhaps he shouldn’t be so trusting since everyone has an agenda and a scheme, none of them complementary, and none — perhaps — particularly wise. Shib is a long way from home, having left the Haptha homeland one step ahead of the law. He’s a manipulator with a cruel sense of humor and an eye for the main chance. He’s more than happy to use Brick as his cat’s paw. Dahlia is a women trying to find a place for herself. She’s from an immigrant family, notably foreign. She’s estranged from her family, leaving her even more adrift. And her skill with a sword further sets her apart. Luckily her non-human employer (the wealthy Credentialed Trader Vawn) cares nothing about her differences, simply pleased to have a skilled bodyguard. But meeting Brick and Shib challenges Dahlia’s loyalties and unsettles her quest to belong. Glum Arent’s interests primarily involve ink and wine, with wine becoming preeminent. He also has some skill with a lock pick. That, and a vivid imagination involve him in Shib’s schemes and help send everything spiraling out of control. Set in the aftermath of a war, and in a city that was on the losing side, “Thick as Thieves” is fantasy on the street-scale.

Ken Lizzi is an attorney and the author of an assortment of novels and short stories. When not traveling—and he’d rather be traveling—he lives in Oregon with his lovely wife Isa and their delightful daughter V.V. He enjoys reading, homebrewing, and visiting new places. He loathes writing about himself in the third person.



  • Thick as Thieves
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  • Publisher: Alternate Universe Press (October 5, 2017)
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