The Future Is Short: Science Fiction In A Flash, Volume 3


Flash fiction or Micro fiction?

56 exciting flash fiction stories, with a beginning, a middle, and an end, providing mini escapes to extraordinary new worlds. You will discover strange planets, unexplored places and times, and characters that demand you never forget them.

Created by
Jot Russell
Edited by
S. M. Kraftchak, Paula Friedman, J. J. Alleson, and Emily Johnson

Speculative and science fiction authors from around the world meet to explore their art in Jot Russell’s Science Fiction Microstory Contest Group on Goodreads with contests designed to stretch imaginations and test ability. Both established and budding new authors take the monthly challenge to create amazingly complete stories in less than 750 words, producing delightfully enjoyable reads for lovers of futuristic tales.

The Future Is Short: Science Fiction in a Flash, Volume 3 contains winners and other outstanding entries from 2015.

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The Future Is Short: Science Fiction In A Flash, Volume 3
Authors: Jot Russell, S. M. Kraftchak, Paula Friedman, J. J. Alleson, W. A. Fix, Andrew Gurcak, Jeremy Lichtman, Tom Olbert, Thaddeus Howze, Jon Ricson, Andy McKell, Kalifer Deil, Marianne G. Petrino, Gary Hanson, Dean Hardage, R. E. Jones, Ben Boyd, Jr., Elana Gomel, Heather MacGillivray, Jack McDaniel, Chris Nance, Carol Shetler, Helen Doran-Wu, Greg Krumrey

Stretch your mind with stories of Flight, Prophecy, and Rites of Passage. Immerse yourself in the experience of Rearranging Worlds, Vice, and Frequently Repeated Actions. Sit down with Monsters and enjoy A Repast, talk Trade or revel in A Song, but beware of the Signs. Fill a few minutes or a day with stories that will frolic in your Memory for an eternity. Each microstory offers an amazing chance to discover strange new places and times, with characters that stretch your mind and demand you never forget them.


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