Snake in the Grass


“Don’t go out there, Bats! There are testicle-eating monsters out there!”

Sandy “Snake” Appleyard is an intrepid reporter for WWN, a popular tabloid that specializes in the weird and bizarre, the odd and eccentric. Dangerous, smart, and beautiful, she and her mutant BFF do whatever it takes to get the story. Strange balls, snake handlers, gnomes, vampires, even an alien conspiracy. All in a day’s work.

From Piers Anthony

I read Snake in the Grass by Ron Leming. Snake is a feisty, sexy, hundred-pound girl whose job is to go get the oddball stories for her newspaper, assisted by her friend the weird photographer Batty. One story is about gold balls that are appearing around a village in Mexico, apparently dropping from the sky. Finding one is easy; keeping it is dangerous, because thugs are going after them.

When they go after other stories, there are more gold balls. One is huge, a yard thick. Snake has a bad feeling about this, and she’s right.

The mystery builds, becoming more fantastic-we’re talking gnomes, zombies, alien incursion, and religion here–until there is a wild battle at the end, where Snake discovers formidable powers she hadn’t known she had, such as instantly healing injured people. Along the way she also discovers love, . . . with a fine handsome man, . . . who is truly her type. We also get the full sermon delivered by a snake handler, and a Hell bender it is. This is a delightful novel to read, starting fast and continuing fascinating, with candid thoughts throughout. I love Snake; any reader will, male, female, or other. I recommend it to any reader who wants to be entertained while learning about the world, natural and supernatural.

Piers Anthony

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Most people call me Snake, if they know what’s good for them. I have a tendency to hit people that piss me off. Some people consider that a flaw.

I saw something flash and glint on the side of the road and pulled over. Batty, my photographer and best friend woke up. “What the — are we there yet?” he mumbled. “Not yet, we’re still a few miles away. Relax, just making a quick stop to check something.” When I stepped out of the Tahoe into the heat I immediately discovered a severe need for a cold beer. The sun hit me like a cat slapping an alligator. I walked through the sand to where I’d seen the glint in the weeds and there it was — a gold ball. It was about four inches in circumference, heavy enough to be real gold and, shining in the painfully bright sunlight. There was a remarkable image of Our Lady of Guadalupe in argent silver embedded in the gold, as detailed as the engraving on a dollar bill. It was immediately recognizable when you’ve seen as many Marys as I have. There might be something to this story after all, I thought as I hurried to get back into the air-conditioned Tahoe.


Ron Leming lives in Amarillo, Texas, with his loyal sidekick Sarah, who also happens to be a black and white calico cat of unusual talents, superior intelligence, and awesome nose licking abilities. Ron is 66 and an unregenerate, unapologetic, Haight-Ashbury hippie who favors nightshirts in the privacy of his own home and is a wee bit of a lonesome hermit. His real life and interweb nickname is Bonestructure. He has been a writer and artist all his life. He knew, the first time his mother read a story to him—undoubtedly a Little Golden Book—that he wanted to be the person telling and illustrating those stories. This desire was confirmed when he received a set of encyclopedias, the 1954 Grolier Book of Knowledge, which he still has and often reads. He has also been a professional musician, an accomplished chef, a pilot, an employee of Toho Co., Ltd, and a hawk rescuer, among other things, in a life filled with adventures. His work has appeared in Year’s Best Horror 14, The Horror Show, New Blood, Gauntlet, and many other fine publications over the years. Previous novels include The Gutbucket Quest, with Piers Anthony. He has had one screenplay, Carnies, produced and available on DVD.

As well as writing and art, he also creates polymer clay and resin art dolls, jewelry, tiles, miniatures, and other curious things that strike his fancy. Polymer clay work is something of a return to his childhood, which was filled with clay play, and he titles himself clayzy. Like Snake, his apartment is something of a cabinet of curiosities, many of which Sarah takes great delight in tossing off her shelves; though she avoids his gator head. He welcomes email from fans, especially of the female persuasion (he’s old, not dead), and can be contacted at


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