Dance With Me: My Journey through Cancer


The true story of a courageous young woman’s struggle against incredible odds. Fighting against a rare cancer, Melinda Finn sees her journey as a blessing in disguise, helping her to grow as a person and to never take anyone, or anything, for granted.

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Each time Mother drove me to Geneva to see Dr. Seely, one particular song always came over the car radio. The name of the song was “Dance with Me” by Orleans. It didn’t matter what time the appointment was. It didn’t matter what radio station Mom was listening to. It transcended time and space to be there for me, and let me know everything would be all right.

I had always been a sickly child. I had everything from the mumps to pneumonia and back again. So, when I started getting sick in my teens, my mother just chalked it up to me being me. But strange things were happening and I couldn’t figure out why.

I finally made an appointment with the great and powerful Dr. Dutcher. I liked him right off the bat. He was very kind and yet very serious. He said that I had a large tumor called a glomus jugulare, or glomus vagale, which is a type of paraganglioma cancer, sometimes known as cancer of the carotid. But he also said that to determine just how far the tumor had spread and exactly how much damage it had caused, he had to order more tests.


Melinda Finn is a patient advocate and a pet caregiver who lives in Rochester, New York.  She is the youngest of six children in a big Irish American family.  In her late teens, she became ill with a rare form of cancer called paraganlioma.  Recently, through genetic testing, it was discovered that she has recurrent paraganglioma syndrome and is now battling it for the third time.  A true survivor, Melinda is also in remission from breast cancer.  She describes cancer as being a blessing in disguise as it has helped to grow as a person and never take anyone or anything for granted. 
Melinda is dedicated to helping others through their difficult journeys with catastrophic diseases such as cancer.  She helped build the Gilda’s Club in Hackensack, New Jersey where she routinely gave tours, co-facilitated intake meetings, taught journal writing workshops and was always there to share and help in any way she could.  She was given the coveted “Lisa Lupner Award” for her work there.  She is an active member in the Rochester, New York chapter of Gilda’s Club and was selected to be a runway model for their Surviving in Style event. 
She also has a passion for animals since childhood and volunteers with animal rescues.  In addition to that, she has also been a highly respected, in demand pet sitter and dog walker. 
Her biggest passion is for life itself and the many joys each and every day bring.  She feels that life is truly a gift and a blessing and that life and love should be celebrated!

Dance With Me: My Journey through Cancer
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