Submission Request for Visions IV – Expired

Submission Request
Visions IV: Space between Stars

Editor: Carrol Fix
Word Count: 3,000 – 8,000
Stories: 2/15/16 

Authors receive token payment of $25.

Imagine what could occur in the deepest regions of space between the stars of the Milky Way. Television and movies depict spaceships spending weeks and months, sometimes years, traveling from one star to another and even to distant galaxies. The reality of astronomical distances tells us that current technology would require many generations to reach even the nearest star. If and when science overcomes those limitations, humankind will face unlimited possibilities for unprecedented experiences between the stars. Possibly cold sleep will be used. Generations ships could carry whole populations to a new home. Black holes, space warps, faster than light travel, or something never thought of before will transport future voyagers through the dark distances. What will they see and what dangers will they overcome? Show us your vision of how our descendants will live, and possibly die, in deep space.

As long as your story takes place outside the boundaries of any star system, we are interested. Physical contact and proximity to any stars or planets is off-limits, although aliens, alien ships, and communications of all kinds are allowed.

Originality is paramount. If you are using an old Star Trek-like concept, it better have a new twist or something that makes it stand out. We get lots of similar stories with a standard theme, so if yours is like one we already have, we will think twice before accepting yours. Impress us.