Lillicat Publishers is an independent publishing company focused on providing opportunities to new and established writers who are either unable to find a big name publisher for their work or who prefer the convenience and flexibility of a smaller publisher. We offer self-publishing benefits without fees, while maintaining high publishing standards.

Thousands of people pay thousands of dollars to print their work in a book for others to read. Lillicat Publishers will never ask you to pay anything. If your story is one we choose, we will spend our time and resources for publishing. Lillicat Publishers only publishes books that excite us. Send us your manuscript and, if we love your story, we will publish it. Both literary and popular fiction are welcome.

Seeing your ideas and words finally appear in a book is an incomparable experience. Nothing is more exciting to a writer. The thrill of sharing your “brain child” with the world can never be described. We are fortunate to experience that pleasure each time we help a talented author to publish with us.We partner with our authors to produce quality products, available through all major online markets. We publish ebook and print editions for every book, through established businesses who handle the ebook release, Print on Demand (POD), and distribution to book sellers.

Our payment to you for a novel will be a percentage of royalties only, with no advance payments. Short stories for anthologies receive a token payment and no royalties.

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