Submission Request for Visions VI – Expired

Visions VI: Galaxies

Editor: Carrol Fix
Word Count: 3,000 – 8,000
Deadline: September 15, 2016 

Authors receive token payment of $25.

Please read our Submission Guidelines before submitting. Submit using the Submission Form.

With hundreds of billions of galaxies in the Universe and hundreds of billions of stars in most galaxies, the possibility of habitable planets other than our Earth is a certainty. When humankind spreads outward, as it must in order to survive, communication and interaction between galaxies must also reach unforeseen capabilities.

Life in a distant future, where moving between galaxies is accomplished with ease, will be different…yet in many ways the same. Human interaction is a constant—love, hate, trust, fear—emotional qualities of life cannot change. Or can they?  What will future humans be like? For that matter, could our cousins already exist and be waiting for us to contact them?

The stories we accept will provide exciting and original ways of viewing the future of humankind and the fellow beings we may encounter. The focus of your tale could be either the humans and/or aliens, the technology or both.

Originality is paramount. If you are using an old Star Trek-like concept, it better have a new twist or something that makes it stand out. We get lots of similar stories with a standard theme, so if yours is like one we already have, we will think twice before accepting yours. Impress us.