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Great Quotes Crossword Puzzle Book
Because these puzzles are all quotation based as a theme, it can be considered for all ages. Clearly, quotations from Casey Stengel or Harry Truman would have relevance to an older audience. Whereas quotations from the comics or by pop stars would appeal to a younger audience. Then there are special interest groups: sports, movies, television, music, cooking.

Clearly, I would define this collection of puzzles in the “general interest” category. Because they are mostly Wednesday or Thursday level difficulty, the book is for medium to advanced solvers.  

I think it would make an ideal Holiday gift for all the crossword enthusiasts on your shopping list.

Sam Bellotto Jr.

Piers Anthony
Snake in the Grass
 I read Snake in the Grass by Ron Leming. Snake is a feisty, sexy, hundred-pound girl whose job is to go get the oddball stories for her newspaper, assisted by her friend the weird photographer Batty. One story is about gold balls that are appearing around a village in Mexico, apparently dropping from the sky. Finding one is easy; keeping it is dangerous, because thugs are going after them.
When they go after other stories, there are more gold balls. One is huge, a yard thick. Snake has a bad feeling about this, and she’s right.
The mystery builds, becoming more fantastic-we’re talking gnomes, zombies, alien incursion, and religion here–until there is a wild battle at the end, where Snake discovers formidable powers she hadn’t known she had, such as instantly healing injured people. Along the way she also discovers love, no, not with Batty, who turns out to be a brother, but with a fine handsome man, Dakota, who is truly her type. We also get the full sermon delivered by a snake handler, and a Hell bender it is. This is a delightful novel to read, starting fast and continuing fascinating, with candid thoughts throughout. I love Snake; any reader will, male, female, or other. I recommend it to any reader who wants to be entertained while learning about the world, natural and supernatural.

Piers Anthony

Visions VII: Universe
Authors’ Distinctions
Doug C. Souza won first place in the 2016 Writers of the Future Quarterly Contest.

Jason Lairamore is a published finalist of the 2012 SQ Mag annual contest, the winner of the 2013 Planetary Stories flash fiction contest, a third-place winner of the 2015 SQ Mag annual contest, and a Writers of the Future Contest Semi-Finalist.

Margaret Karmazin’s stories in The MacGuffin, Eureka Literary Magazine, Licking River Review, and Mobius were nominated for Pushcart awards. Her story, “The Manly Thing,” was nominated for the 2010 Million Writers Award.

Jonathan Shipley is an active member of Science Fiction Writers of America and was a contribuitng author to the After Death anthology that won the 2014 Bram Stoker Award.

John M. Floyd is a three-time Derringer Award winner and an Edgar Award nominee.

Lorraine Schein’s story in this volume, “Sleeping Westward,” was nominated for the 2017 Canopus Award.


Doug C. Souza, frequent contributor to our Visions Series anthologies, won First Place in the 2nd Quarter 2016 Writers of the Future Contest with his short story, “The Armor Embrace.”
 Doug says, “I am super stoked and very humbled to announce that one of my stories won First Place in the 2nd Quarter 2016 Writers of the Future Contest. My feet still haven’t quite touched the ground. I have been invited to attend a 5 day workshop in Los Angeles with bestselling authors in speculative fiction such as; David Farland, Orson Scott Card, Tim Powers, and others to be announced later. Thanks to my family, friends, and other fans for all the support.” dougcsouza.com
Souza’s novelette, Pseudo-Soul, is featured in the final volume of the Visions Series — Visions VII: Universe, edited by Carrol Fix, scheduled for release July, 2017. Submissions will be accepted until 6/1/17.

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